Chalk out 10-yr action plan for overall development of Hyd: KCR to officials

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao directed government officials to chalk out a ‘10-year action plan’ for the overall development of Hyderabad. He said such an action plan should meet the needs and demands of Hyderabad for the next 30 years.

At a review meeting on development of Hyderabad on Friday, the Chief Minister said two reservoirs are required to meet the drinking water needs of the city. One reservoir will store water from the Godavari drawn from the Kaleswaram project and the other water from the Krishna, drawn from the Palamur lift irrigation project.

“Supply water through gravity and fill 10-15 tmc ft water in each reservoir. Examine the technicalities and start work immediately,” Mr Rao directed.

He also spoke about plantation on forest lands around the city. “There is 8,000 acres of forestland in Nagole and Narapalli and another 16,000 acres outside the ORR. Narsapur and Sisampet have 40,000 acres. Hyderabad should have greenery like New Delhi. Appoint an IFS officer in the office of MAUD to oversee and monitor greenery in the city,” the CM said.

He wants more participation from the people in the development of the city and said basthi committees must be formed for the purpose. Every division should have 10 committees and the committees must be finalised in 15 days. The committees should play a key role in ensuring greenery and cleanliness.

“There are several tanks other than Shamirpet, Himayat Sagar and Gandipet. Take measures to ensure that industrial water and pollutants do not flow into the tanks,” he said.

He instructed officials to adhere to the rules when permitting new constructions. “We will take stringent action if officials commit any mistake,” he promised.

He wants the Musi riverfront to be developed along the lines of the Sabarmati riverfront, with gardens on either side of the Musi and bridges at several places across the river.

“Improve the power supply system in the city. Remove overhead lines. Lay roads as per SRDP programme. Give priority to places like Uppal where there is heavy traffic congestion. Take technical precautions while making under passes so that the water does not stagnate,” the CM said.