Bikkavolu Vinayaka Temple

Bikkavolu is a village and Mandal, It’s located in East Godavari district of Andhra pradesh, India. bikkavolu vinayaka temple is visited by thousands of people on ganesh chaturthi and the ten-day festival celebration of Ganesh chaturthi. bikkavolu vinayaka temple is one of the famous Temple in Godavari Districts.

bikkavolu vinayaka temple also known as sri lakshmi ganapathi temple or Sri Golingeswara Swami Temple and siddhi vinayaka temple. This ganesh temple is located at a distance of 33 Km from Kakinada, 40 Km from Rajahmundry and 60 Km from Amalapuram.

Bikkavolu Ganesh Temple History

The name of the village Bikkavole derived from the ruler to Turupu Chalakyan’s during their period 849-892 BC and the rulers constructed number of important temples during their period around the Biccavole village. Out of which one of the temple, sri lakshmi ganapathi temple and Sri Chandrasekhara Swamy temple. Turupu Chalakyan’s are very prominent with Great Dravidian Style of architecture.

Bikkavolu Ganapati was found as a self incarnation in a field and got to be seen by a farmer who was ploughing long long ago. So further bikkavolu ganesh temple had been constructed in the same place for the shrine and the best miracle to be noted even for today is here the bikkavolu Vinayaka grows an inch or more or less two Centimeters every passing year and from as little as a coconut then and now he has grown into few feet tall.

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Bikkavolu Vinayaka Temple
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Bikkavolu Village and Mandal
East Godavari district
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